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Reducing Software Entropy is a research project funded by the Research Council of Norway during the years 2005-2008.


Goals and philosophy

The main goal of the project is, through research and technology development, to

  • advance the state-of-the-practice in industrial software development, concerning technologies that automatically extract information from software during software development.

We want to contribute both to increased software quality and to simplify software development. These are of course not independent goals.

Our philosophy is to contribute to improving software development as it is actually practised, not to built new programming languages or suggest new methods of developing software.


We develop source code analyses to extract knowledge from software under development, leveraging source code metadata and component deployment and configuration information.

We incorporate results in tools that agile developers are now using in practise.

Our focus on the Java programming language and similar languages.


Academic partners

  • Jonathan Aldrich, Carnegie Mellon University, PA, USA
  • Alan O'Callaghan, De Montfort University, UK

Industrial partners

  • EDB Avenir (formerly Ementor), Norway
  • ErgoSolutions, Norway
  • Telenor Mobile, Norway


See Bark.

PhD Fellows

The project supports two PhD fellows:


For more information contact project leader Bjarte M. Østvold.

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